5 Easy steps to start a blog

Good morning Moneyistas,

I know “moneyistas” not a real word. But, we’ll make it one. I am here to help you with 5 Easy steps to start a blog.  It’s me again, Toni. You know my story if you have read the “About” Page on my website MoneyMakeYourselfRich.com. If not click here. It’s been a hard, grinding and fruitful 10 years. And I’ve learned a great deal. And I’m still learning. .


As you know I am posting information and giving it to you free as I go through the process of creating and to start a blog and starting it from the very beginning how to make money with blogging and showing you how to do  just that as I go through the process.

Hopefully you have read “Start A Blog in 60 minutes or less.”  If not click Here. It does cover things you need to know.

Also know there may be affiliate links in the posts. If you click on a link and sign up through that link. That’s how I get paid. I do appreciate it. 

But, for this posts “5 Easy Steps to start a blog”.

Using BlueHosts and WordPress.

Creating a new blog is really not hard.

So, I am going to use the example I’ve use before, Butterflies. Why, butterflies you ask? I don’t know they just popped into my head when I was writing the post about “Start A Blog in 60 minutes or less.

Now you know what the blog is about, and we know what domain name you want.

So click this link to BlueHost. And right now with my link you get a basic package for $3.95 per month for 3 years when you sign up for 3 years. A free domain name worth $15 or more for the first year. And either a 5 page website through website builder with Weebly or free WordPress themes. Sounds too good to be true. It isn’t. It’s true. Check out this blog posts for using the website builder Weebly. This post is for WordPress.

Step 1 click here to get started and select your $3.95 per month plan.

2. Enter your domain name that you have choose. When you went to the domain name generator. Read “Start A Bog in 60 minutes or less“.  Or enter a domain that you already have.

3. Enter all your information,including payment information.

4. Choose a password for your account then create password. Then you will see Congratulations you have created a new password

5. Then pick a Word Press Theme. Click. Choose blog post add new. Save the blog post. Then click publish.

It’s really pretty simple.


It does take more time to get familiar with the free word press theme that you have chosen. And it does take time to write each blog and to post.

But, to start a blog from the beginning does not take a great deal of time.

5 Easy Step to Create a new blog. Takes about 15 minutes. That’s it.

Read the disclaimer link here. Disclaimer:

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