5 Ways to Change Your Dating Habits for Entrepreneurs

5 Ways to Change Your Dating Habits for Entrepreneurs

 When you’re working every day of the week, it’s hard to give your attention to dating. Because of this, dating takes the backseat in your life. While some may be okay with this, others may want to expand their dating horizons. 5 Ways to Change Your Dating Habits for Entrepreneurs.

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Dating and finding time for yourself as a single mom and entrepreneur takes determination and planning.

However, getting stuck in a dating rut can happen to the best of us. With these tips, you’ll see improvement in the way you go about dating.

5 Ways to Change Your Dating Habits for Entrepreneurs

  1. Be Present

 A big mistake people often make when they’re busy with work relates to how present they are in their time off. When you’re constantly thinking about work, you miss out on every day interactions that could lead to date.

Bopping around town with your friends—and focusing your energy on having a good time—is essential if you want to improve your dating habits. Instead of letting your mind wander to work, live in the moment.

If you think someone is attractive, go start a conversation. It doesn’t have to end with plans to get coffee or dinner, but you’ll find that just putting yourself in situations where you meet new people will open a lot of doors.

Missing out on small interactions with strangers ensures that your pool of potential dates remains stagnant. The only way you’re going to meet new people is to actually talk to new people. Of course, you can ask friends and family to introduce you to people they know, but even that’s limited after a while.

The best way to meet people you’re interested in is to get out there and talk to people you find attractive. You don’t have to end up marrying them, but it’s good to have fun with dating. It’ll really change your outlook.


  1. Start Online Dating

For some, online dating seems daunting. That’s understandable considering all the options available. It can be hard enough just to decide on a dating website let alone actually finding someone on the site. The good news is online dating has become much safer in recent years. There are plenty of websites and apps that require background checks for their members.

More good news: you don’t need to find “the One” on these sites. What you put into online dating is what you get out of them, so if you feel like you just need to get reacquainted with the dating scene, you’re able to do that with these websites.

You can chat with potential dates before ever meeting them, which removes a lot of the stress of impressing someone new. Before long, you’ll be ready to tackle dating in the real world.


Think of online dating as a precursor to dating in person. If you feel like you know how to stay relaxed on dates without needing to chat with people a little bit first, then online dating may be redundant for you.

But, if you struggle to connect with people you don’t know very well, online dating can be a great exercise in talking to people. It’s also fast and easy. You can reply to messages throughout the day without needing to dedicate too much time to any one person in particular. It’s a great way to get back in the swing of flirting if you’ve been out of practice for a while.


  1. Know What You Want


This one slightly contradicts the previous two tips, but it’s an important step in your dating journey. When you first start getting your dating life in order, you want to jolt your system by making dates exciting again.

There will come a point, though, where you’ll want to start settling down with someone. That’s when it’s time to really think about what you want in a relationship. Of course, up until this point, you should only go out with people you actually are interested in.

Spending time with people you know you won’t like in the long run is a waste of your time and theirs. But when you really want to stop dating and enter a relationship, you want to hone in on the attributes you want in a partner.


You should also realize that while making a list can be helpful for witling down potential partners, you don’t want to completely throw away anyone who doesn’t meet every single bullet point.

People are not perfect, so be aware that your “perfect” partner probably doesn’t exist. Instead, look for someone who always treats you like a best friend. Find someone who is compatible with your lifestyle rather than your carbon-copy.


  1. Become Your Own Personal Planner


You’ve got your work schedule planned out for every minute of the day, but what about your personal life? Keeping your personal life on the peripheral is sure to damage your dating habits.

If you’re someone who needs a schedule to stay on task, as most entrepreneurs are, then it only makes sense to create a plan for your personal life.

This may sound like it would kill spontaneity, but that’s not the case. Keeping your personal life organized allows you to make space for spur of the moment fun. Dates are the perfect thing to fit into these free hours in your day.


Making sure the rest of your personal life stays organized takes away the constant need to reschedule, the difficulty of finding a time that works for both you and your date, and the disappointment of having to cancel because you forgot you committed to something else.

Treat your personal life like your second job. You want to make sure you aren’t overbooking yourself while also making time for dating. Once you do that, you’ll see how easy it is to fit regular dates into your life.


  1. Be Yourself


Many women feel like they have to hide their ambition when they go out on dates. Not only is this exhausting, but it doesn’t help you find the person who will nurture your need to further your career.

You want to find someone who loves that you want to be the best that you can be in your career, not someone who is intimidated by your drive to succeed. You don’t have to list all of your accomplishments on your first date, but you don’t have to hide your pride when it comes up in conversation, either.

If your date asks you about your work, be honest! You don’t have to downplay your abilities to get your date to like you. They should be as excited as you are about everything you’re doing in your career. If they aren’t, it may be time to look for someone else.


Dating in general can feel like a game of conformity, but that isn’t the case. It sounds cliché, but being yourself truly works wonders. You don’t want to waste your time with someone you can’t be your whole self with; it’s counterproductive and doesn’t make you feel good.

You want someone who likes you for exactly who you are in this moment. You may change over time, but the right person will change with you. As you grow, they’ll grow, and you will feed off of each other’s success.


In summary, dating can be hard when you haven’t dedicated much time to it, but once you open your mind to the possibilities you’ll find that dating can be fun and productive. Now get out there and meet your person!

5 Ways to Change Your Dating Habits for Entrepreneurs

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