Hi Everyone my name is Toni House, single mom, entrepreneur, author and employee. Yep I said it employee. And I am here to help teach you to make money blogging.

Let me tell you a little about myself then about the company Money Make Yourself Rich.

I first became an entrepreneur at the old age of 25. For 12 years I own and ran a few fast food restaurants with now the EX. and we sold those many years ago. (This was before the world wide web).

The second business was an accounting and tax business that I ran myself with part time tax ladies for about 12 years.

Then this I also sold. During this time the world wide web was in it’s infancy.

The third business again was a restaurant that I opened in 2006.

Then at the end of 2007 the economic disaster took place in the United States and around the world.  By the time 2009 rolled around the economy was still in steady decline and I sold the business for huge loss.

In 2008 was my first of several different websites and blogs some did very well with driving traffic and with revenue and of course some did not.

So, for the past 10 plus years I have written several books that have been published, re-established myself after the economic disaster of the lost decade. (As it is referred to.) From 2007-2017 it has taken 10 long years for the US to somewhat recover.  And still many Americans have not recovered financially.

So, for the purpose of this website/blog.

The Company: Money Make Yourself Rich: Money Make Yourself Rich: the purpose is to help, teach and support bloggers and new business owners to become financially independent. While creating a new online business and/or blog.”True love is helping other people get what they want.”

(So, you no longer have to be an employee) So you can make your own rules, make your own choices, you decide if you want a raise or not. Or if you are worth a raise. Or better yet you decide if you should be laid off. It’s to help you take control of your life and your finances. Money Make Yourself Rich was founded to help those of you that want to make money blogging.

So, let’s take this journey together. Hop on board. Let’s see where it ends.

I am here to help you make money blogging.

Toni House

PS: There are few things I am passionate about God,  my beautiful daughter, my two fur babies, my parents, YOU, Football and smoking hot CARS. YEP I SAID IT CARS. MY TOTAL WEAKNESS.

I could live in an 1000 square foot house with 10,000 square feet of garage space loaded with smoking hot cars. (Cars a very expensive passion, but, hey I can always look.) Oh! and shoes. I wear 7 1/2 by the way. (not asking for you to buy shoes)

PSS: I uploaded my picture. Only so that you would know who I am.  And who knew that the featured image would be so darn big. I’ll fix later.

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