Best Kept Dollar Tree Secrets For Christmas

Best Kept Dollar Tree Secrets for Christmas

Are you a Dollar Tree shopper? I have been for a while, but it hasn’t always been that way. I started going to Dollar Tree a few years ago when my daughter was in elementary school. So what is the Best Kept Dollar Tree Secrets for Christmas

With all the school parties and holiday events and activities. I needed a way to save money while still giving fun parties and gifts. So Dollar Tree and Dollar General became my go to stores. And now that they are all one company they even offer better quality items.

And at Dollar Tree everything is only $1.

Yes, there are definitely things that I would suggest steering away from. Not everything at the Dollar Tree store is a good deal. However, there are a bunch of great things to buy that will save you money.

Everything in the images did come from Dollar Tree and I did use one image from someone else.

Best Kept Dollar Tree Secrets for Christmas


1. Holiday Decor:

Regardless of the season, Dollar Tree always has plates, cups, tablecloths and basically every decoration imaginable for the upcoming holiday. Whether its New Year’s or Christmas or anything in between, Dollar Tree has you covered to save money.

Decorative glassware is also great to buy at Dollar Tree. Glass vases make such a great starting point for mantle and dining table decor.
And for great gifts for friends and family.

2. Great DIY Christmas gifts from Dollar Tree. 


Popcorncontainer came from dollartree

3. Parties:

Whether you are looking for white, clear or colored cutlery, Dollar Tree has it! They usually carry cutlery in seasonal colors and/or colors to match their stocked party supplies. Since packages are only $1, you pay barely $0.06 for a set of forks, spoons and knives.

I have known several people that have used inexpensive Dollar Tree items to help with school Christmas parties or church gatherings or other party planning. You can find clear plastic cups in all shapes and sizes and even silver plastic ware.

If you’re planning a themed birthday party for a kid, you can find a variety of options at Dollar Tree. Items are way cheaper here than at a party store.

Dollar Tree has Mylar Balloons for only $1! They will also fill them up for you. These can be pretty expensive at a party store, so buy your balloons here.


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