Blog your way out of debt. My first official blog post.

Welcome everyone!

  I’m very excited to start another chapter in my life. First and foremost building your trust and helping you it very important to me. You will find that I am honest to a fault and don’t be surprised how transparent I am.

I’ve been working toward starting another blog few years now. (Check out About Money Make Yourself Rich). After a four-year absence. I stopped blogging to focus on writing and marketing my two books. (Bad mistake, I make more money with my blog than my books, and my blog was worth almost $27,000 really!) So, I want to share this journey with you my readers. To teach you as I go along to blog your way out of debt.

I am a 56-year-old single mom and I have two tiny Maltese. One is almost 9 years old and the female is almost 10.

Actually, this is my second big blog the first one was started nine plus years ago after a divorce and a big financial disaster.

At one point in my life believe it or not. I was debt free. I was 38 years old, my ex and I had sold our first business.  I decided a year later to start another business, an accounting and tax business.

Then I decided in 2006 at the age of 45 to open a restaurant. Which cost $1.6 million dollars by the time everything was finished. Which until the end of 2007 was doing well. Then the economy tanked. Who knew the world was going to literally fall apart? By the time I got it sold it had taken almost everything I had worked for. Now I was in major debt.

I lived in a very small town and the unemployment rate was nearing 24% yes that’s right 24%. Real Estate values had dropped more than 69% from the high in 2006. So, as you guessed it there were no jobs, no business and no income. Single with a kid in college. What was I going to do?

I did a whole lot of crying, berating myself, hating myself, praying to God to stop punishing me for what I didn’t know.

Begging, bargaining and promising God any and everything to make the bleeding of money to stop and to show me a way out. Which he did in a sense and I learned a valuable lesson. And during this time, I put on a great deal of weight which I am still carrying to this day. (That’s another journey for another blog post.)

I have been an entrepreneur for the majority of my adult life. I prefer to work for myself. Although it’s not for everyone.

Normally I make great decisions regarding money, investments and business choices. But, sometimes the world has a different take on what you think you have figured out and it makes you think you are in control. But, guess what you don’t have things figured out and you’re NOT in control at least not completely.

The world does not always work with the life plan or goals you have set for yourself.

Like opening a restaurant, by the way don’t open a restaurant, not even a franchise. No matter how many years’ experience you have. (That’s another post for the near future.)

But, with God’s grace, a lot more praying, more hard work, taking any job I could find, depleting everything I had in my savings and selling everything I could, writing two books and blogging. I am not debt free but I am on the road to recovery 9 years later.

And I thank God for everything and believe it or not even the business failure.

I have learned more from that failure than anything else I have in life. Almost $2 million dollars in debt before selling the restaurant. And now my total debt is about $210,000 which includes some debt from the original failure of about $65,000.  Some credit card debt which I used to never carry of about $11,000.  And  my mortgage of about $140,000. And a 12 1/2-year-old car that is paid for.

Not great by any means. But much better. Just so you know I HATE debt. When you have debt someone else controls your life. God does not want his children to have debt. So I have created this blog to help everyone like me that Hates debt. So work with me to blog your way out of debt.

I never assumed any student load debt.  I worked three jobs and paid for my Accounting and MBA degrees. Even at 15 years old when I purchased my first car. It was a Mazda 808, 4 speed in the floor. No air conditioner, hot vinyl seats and only an am radio. But, after putting down $750 this was back in 1977. I had that little car paid for in 11 months.

So, this is the thing I need to buy another car within the next two years. As I stated my car is 12 years old. She’s running good, it’s cheaper to pay for repairs than to buy another car. And one that age is cheaper on insurance and tags.  I need to invest some money in my house. I purchased a fixer upper and I need to refinance it because it’s on a fixed rate arm.

And I want that $210,000 paid off in the next three years but I’ll stretch it to four years since I need to put $30,000 in my house and buy a preowned or a new car. Oh,  by the way did I mention I hate debt?

I am sharing my goals with you and with God grace and guidance I will reach them and help you to reach yours along the way.  So, write down your goals, what do you want? Do you want to be debt free? do you need a newer vehicle? do you need to pay off credit cards? or student loans?

Whatever it is, whatever it takes, let’s do it together. Are you with me?

Blogging to financial freedom with Money Make Yourself Rich. Blog your way out of debt can be done with hard work and determination.

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