Color Schemes for Fabulous Christmas Decor Hacks

Color Schemes for Fabulous Christmas Decor Hacks

Once you have decided what your color scheme for the Christmas and the holidays will be. Now you  have to find them. And should have to buy some or all of your decor how can you do it without breaking the bank?

Hello Moneyistas,

The Holidays are here all ready. Wow. Time goes fast.  The holidays are very stressful for most people. We have too much to do and not enough money. Well, I’ve got some simple solutions for you.

So, check out My Color Schemes for Fabulous Christmas Decor Hacks below:


Red and Green Traditional

Is one of the most popular colors and schemes. You can find all sorts of decor that will work from fake apples to striped ribbon.  And it’s also the easiest to find in more discount stores and thrift stores.  Starting planning and buy early.

Also you probably already have several items around the house that you can use to add texture and different shapes to the tree. And accessories like a throw or a pillow. And even red candles.

Red and Lime Green

The lime green box is used to increase the height of the small tree. And to create the green box it is painted or wrapped with paper. The tree base is sat on top the the wood solid box. The top is solid. You can get that bag of cotton that has the glittery sparkles from just about any where.

The Lime Green ornaments. If you can’t find them in a discount store or thrift store.  You can actually buy lime green spray paint and paint any glass ornament.

The candy striped ornaments. If you can not find them or afford them.   Can be made with a thin flexible Styrofoam or some of the cotton used on the bottom rolled up and wrapped and hot glued with the red ribbon. And pulled together at each end.


red and lime green tree decor

There are more:

Color Schemes for Fabulous Christmas Decor Hacks

Green and White

Green And White AGreen And White

All White

This is so much fun.  Look around your house and find anything. Maybe even a white boot or white ice skate. White mini lights and bags of cotton make into large cotton balls. Find your stuffed white animals. Rabbits or dolls or puppies anything white.

A white sheet put it under the tree for your tree skirt.

White blankets, white throws and white pillows.  And make sure you use the mini white lights.

White Decor

White, Blue, and Silver

White blue and silver

Sage Green, Ivory, and Pewter

sage green ivory and pewter

Bright Purple, Blue, and Green

Bright Purple, Blue, and Green

Icy Blue, Lilac, and Silver

Forest Green, Burgundy, and Gold

Forest Green, Burgundy, and Gold

Primary Toy Colors Such as Red, Yellow, and Blue

Red, Yellow, and Blue

1. The most important thing is creating a budget and stick to it.

2.Then check around your house or your families that may have decor they are not going to use and ask if you may have it or use it.

3.Then make a trip to thrift stores, you will be surprised. Many thrift stores even have fake trees. And some have a tree lot right outside.

4.Then check out Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

5.And don’t forget what a can of spray paint can do. It’s cheap and it goes a long way.

I love this time of year. Let me know what you think of my

Color Schemes for Fabulous Christmas Decor Hacks

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