Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday besides Christmas. It is estimated that people spend $ 7 billion annually for the Halloween celebrations. Decorating for Halloween party on a budget.

These include costumes, decorations and food and sweets for the trick-or-treater.

Although Halloween usually offers so much fun and entertainment for everyone, it can also burn a hole in your pocket as the cost shoots up on that holiday. Unfortunately, spending in such cases is inevitable.

Hello Moneyistas,

I am here to bring you some Halloween party ideas that can be made for almost free.

The Halloween party is not complete without large party decorations, because only these can set the right mood. There are a variety of spooky Halloween decorations that you can use to enhance the eerie charm of the party location.

Dig the goosebump scare of your guests out of the horror grave with some super spooky Halloween decoration ideas

Do you want to create spooktacular decorations for the Halloween party on a budget? Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

Follow these cheap decorating tips to create a good party! Creating a terribly funny scene for a Halloween party does not mean you have to spend a fortune. Just use a few (or all) of these tips to create party decorations that will not scare your budget!

  • The Specimen Jar

Aspeciman jars

You will really surprised has inexpensive that you can make these.

You probably already have everything you need at home. If not check out your local thrift store.

Old mason jars, toy rats and bugs, colored water. Use food coloring. Twine. And you need those manila old timey looking tags.

  • Haunting Hands


These creepy hands are a breeze!

Just stuff a pair of rubber gloves with tissue paper, newspaper or cotton wool together and then use your imagination to decorate them: spray paint, gauze wrap, a watch, False fingernails,  fake insects or red blood paint.

  • Jack-O’-Lantern Garland


Draw the outlines of the Jack-O’-Lantern on orange paper and be sure to draw long stems. Cut out the Jack-O’-Lantern and then draw on the faces with markers or crayons.

Fold the stems half way down and then secure them with tape, glue or staples to twine or twine. When attaching the Jack-O’-Lantern, make sure that the stems “fold” over the yarn or string. Now you are ready to drape this garland through a room, over a window or through lighting. You can also make a garland of ghosts in the same way!

  • Egg carton bats


The use of egg cartons to make bats could not be easier!

First, separate 3 cups from an egg carton. Cut out part of the bottoms of the two outer cups, making them look like bat wings. Then just add eyes and a mouth with a marker (or you can use bulging eyes). Just hang it on a string or a rubber band. Feel free to decorate your bats with paint, cobwebs or anything else that will stimulate your imagination!

  • Egg carton spider


Egg cartons also make fun spider! Start by separating a cup from an egg carton. Then, make 8 small holes (4 on each side) at the base of the cup. The tip of a pair of scissors works well for that. Then insert a pipe cleaner into each of the holes to create the legs. Last, just add a face and decorate as you want!

  • Bat clips


Cut out bat wings and body from black craft paper, cardboard or fun foam leaves. Make sure the club bodies are big enough to cover clothespins.

Glue the bat parts to the clothespins (wings first and then body) and then add eye-catching eyes to complete the look. These are easy to attach anywhere!


  • Lollipop Ghosts

Aghostlolipops Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

These funny little ghosts are not just fun decorations, but they also make great party favors! To make these adorable little haunters, you need round lollipops, white cloths, goggles or black markers and ribbons, preferably black or orange. Use one or two shawls, place a lollipop in the middle and then collect the tissues around the lollipop. Secure the cloths around the top of the lollipop with tape. You now have a ghost head (top of lollipop) and body (tissue covering lollipop stick). Finish by adding Goggly eyes or draw with a black felt pen.

  • Halloween blood

Aredhandprints Aghostlolipops Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

It is more of an accent than an actual decoration, there are many uses for artificial blood – and it could not be easier to do:

* 1 cup of corn syrup

* 1 tbsp water

* 2 tbsp red food coloring

* 1 teaspoon yellow food coloring

Just mix all the ingredients together and you have a cup of Halloween “blood”!


  • Go buggy

AHalloween ghoul Aredhandprints Aghostlolipops Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

Sneak all out with your own abundance of beetles and rodents. Plastic insect bags and various sizes of rodents are available, and they are usually cheap, close to Halloween. Sprinkle them on tables, floors, walkways, windowsills – anywhere that needs to be a little spooky.

  • Pumpkins please


Mini pumpkins offer a wealth of decoration options. You can paint them any color and stick almost anything (felt, craft paper, pipe cleaners, goggles, etc.), so you can create spiders, witches, monsters … just use your imagination!

  • Balloon spirit


All you need to make this funny ghost is a white balloon and two white plastic bags!

Start by cutting the handles off the plastic bags. If there are markings on the pockets, try cutting them out as well. Starting at the top of the pockets, cut them into strips so that the bottom seam of each bag stays intact.

Next, blow up a white balloon. Glue the plastic bags around one end of the balloon and form a circle around it.

(Hint: If you plan to hang the ghost as a decoration, be sure to leave the bound end of the balloon open at the top so that you can tie a string to it.)

Finally, create a face on the balloon with a black marker, and you have a terribly funny spirit!

Halloween parties can be a lot of fun – and a lot of money.

But with the above decoration tips you can decorate Halloween without breaking the bank.

Decorating for Halloween party on a budget

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