DIY Kitchen Décor Hacks To Brighten Your Kitchen on a budget

DIY Kitchen Décor Hacks To Brighten Your Kitchen on a budget.

Every morning, when you wake up, you head to your kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast. A neat and tidy kitchen can do wonders. It’s not only appealing, it also lifts your mood and lets you easily take control of things. DIY Kitchen Décor Hacks To Brighten Your Kitchen on a budget

On the other hand, you feel unwelcome and sloppy in a botched kitchen.

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So, DIY Kitchen Décor Hacks To Brighten Your Kitchen on a budget

Often referred to as the “heart of the house”, a kitchen says a lot about the person. It is not limited to cooking and washing only; It is an essential part of a home where most people spend part of their day.

From a hearty brunch with loved ones to a cup of cold cocoa on a winter’s night, the kitchen is a haven of comfort.

If you want to give your kitchen a glamorous makeover but are afraid to burn a hole in your purse, then you’re fine.

We have some amazing and very affordable tips for you that will beautify your cooking space. All you need is a little time to invest and promote your creativity.

Here are some great DIY decor hacks that will brighten up your kitchen even on a budget. Look at her!

  • Color this boring blank wall

add color to blank wall

If you have a clear wall without colors, then dress it up. It will immediately improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. An easy way to decorate is to get a handful of prints, frame them, and hang them on the wall. You can even use a washi tape to just glue the prints to the wall.

For those of you who are in minimalist lifestyle, just take a huge framed picture of a fruit bowl and place it on the wall. It will be smart and easy.

Paint the wall in a vivid color is another excellent way to enhance the look.

Think of stripes, dots and soft colors like lemon yellow and apple green!

When the paint has dried, you can set up pictures and fill in the room or simply leave it as a feature wall.

If you do not have a replacement wall but would like to add a bold color, it would be a good way to do that to bring a really bright splash back to your counter.

The new materials include glass, stainless steel and even the simple painting of tiles. It will stand out and make a statement.


  • Hang Fruit Baskets and potted plants

Kitchens that are all set up but need only a pinch of color can use plants and fruits.

A hanging fruit basket is a unique way to present fruit. It’s also a great way to reduce clutter on counters while still keeping fruit in sight for easy reach and access.

For the fruit basket, use a braided or woven basket and assign the help of wires to it. A three-tier basket is good enough. Screw a hook to the ceiling and let your new fruit basket hang therePlace fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges on each level. Eat and replace from time to time.

  • Garden rake utensil hanger:


A condemned garden rake doesn’t have to be thrown away.

You can convert it to a utensil hanger and hang your spatula, cooking prongs, spoons, etc. this will also lend a rustic feel to the kitchen.

Be careful when sticking the nail that will hang the garden rake. You may break off the kitchen wall plaster if you do not use the right nail. When in doubt, get a handyman or carpenter to set up the nail for you.

  • Large jars and biscuit tins:


You know those large cookie jars and tins /cans that your favorite cookies come in?

They are perfect as storage units in and around the kitchen.

The transparent or glass jars can be re – purposed to hold your dry food stuff or grains like rice, corn, garri, etc. another cool way to display them other than a shelf is to create a space in the ceiling to hold the lid and they could be screwed suspended from the ceiling top.

  • Window dressing dishes:


The dish rack where you drain your dishes before you store them in the cupboard or shelf could become your window dressing.

Although some people use their dish rack as a storage for the dishes, some have taken it a decorative step further as a window dressing by screwing it to the window and letting natural light stream in through the dishes.

They get to dry faster and with a colorful rack and dishes to match, you will also have a unique window treatment to be admired.

  • Create A Dedicated Kitchen Tablet


Do you have an old tablet that you rarely use?

If so, why not make a special kitchen tray to get rid of paper clutter like the fridge calendar, the cookbooks in the cupboards, and the recipes scattered along the countertops. Digitizing the paperwork is a great way to save some space in the kitchen.

  • A fancy trash can on a small budget

Kitchendecorona budget trashcan

An ugly garbage bin does not help the beautiful interiors of a kitchen. In fact, it can actually spoil it.

There is a simple trick and it does not cost you much. Give your bin a funky redesign.

Go through your home to look for wallpapers, contact papers and magazines. Cut the waste in different shapes and stick it in the container.

Once dried and cured, you can tie pompons and ribbons around the lid and bottom. If you’re having trouble finding material, a good alternative is a printed gift box.

They are easily available in local stores. Even if your kitchen is simple, a jazzy trash can adds a nice splash of color.

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DIY Kitchen Décor Hacks To Brighten Your Kitchen on a budget

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