Do you have integrity? Are you trustworthy? Does your word mean anything?

Do you have integrity? Are you trustworthy?  Does your word mean anything?

These three tough questions: Do you have integrity? Are you trustworthy?  Does your word mean anything? are questions that everyone today should be concerned with. Everyone should want the answer to all three to be a resounding “YES”.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world is today. Or maybe it never has been.


Today everything is profit driven. Everything is about money, fame, glory and power. Even today college football is a multi-billion-dollar industry.  I get it you can’t give scholar ships without money and lots of it.

(I changed the featured image for this blog post. To one of Jalen Hurts. I know it’s football again. But, he understands the value of brand, the value of integrity and honesty even at the young age of 19.)

But, there is another side to money and power: there’s honesty and trust worthiness and caring about others which includes your readers and followers.

So, I ask again:

Do you have integrity? Are you trustworthy? Does your word mean anything?

Hi Moneyistas,

Those three questions are very important. If you want your blog or online business to be successful, (who doesn’t want that?)  Your readers have to TRUST YOU.

The thing about trust is.


Do You have integrity? Are you trustworthy? Does your word mean anything?


When you are blogging, you need to put yourself out there some.  (Don’t be too revealing, because unfortunately there are some crazy’s out there) but still show them that you are not that cold, methodical computer-generated robot. That we have become so accustomed to now in the internet age.

Doesn’t it just drive you crazy that when you contact a company that it takes you 10 mins to get through all the options on the recorded voice on the phone? Then to finally get an actual human being on the phone that cannot help you and really doesn’t care to help you.

Or you purchase something online from an online store or blog and can never get anyone to respond to your dozen emails?

So, show your readers who you are. Show them that you are real, that you are a person. That you have failed, that you have made mistakes. That you have emotions you cry you laugh that you are passionate about what you are blogging about and passionate about them. Show them you have a heart.

I love what I do, I love sharing what I know and what I am learning as I continue on this journey of creating the blog and taking you my readers with me. As I said before in “Don’t Hate Yourself the world is still a beautiful place”.  Believe me when  I say I am here for you. I am here to help you. I really want you to have the life you want.



As I stated above that’s the norm today nobody cares. So, don’t worry about being a beginning blogger, because, most big companies and larger than life blogs don’t care so much about their audience.

That’s where you come in. The little engine that could and did and….took over. Why? because you are the exception. Why? because you see the holes and lack of passion, love and care that your specific niche isn’t offering. So, yea you can do this and be successful.

It’s shocking to me that customer service has gotten so bad. Actually, is non-existent.  And businesses still survive.

Because of they way things are today with these businesses to me it makes me ask the questions.

Do you have integrity? Are you trustworthy?  Does your word mean anything?

regarding the other businesses we use and some we are forced to use. Like the utility companies and the cell phone companies.

So just think with you caring about your readers. What will happen to your new blog? (You still need great content) But, you will be a huge success.


This is a big thing for me. The information I provide to you on this blog is accurate and as honest as I can give.  Most post and information I give I’ve done myself and experienced.  The thing is don’t lie. Your audience is too smart for that. And don’t even think they are not.

So, don’t write anything that will make them question you. If it doesn’t feel right to you it’s probably isn’t so it’s simple don’t write it.

I’ve been asked dozens of times. How can I blog about something if I’ve never experienced it myself?   It’s a great question. Because that shows me that those bloggers want to be truthful and they want to be honest.

And to answer that question. It really easy.  There are many examples out there that come from honest bloggers that have experienced whatever it is you are blogging about.

Write about them or their information in your blog. Or once your blog is a little bigger ask them if you can interview them. But, make sure you include the bloggers name and the blog title.

For example: one of the people and blogs I like is

Michelle Schoeder Gardner

She interviews other bloggers, and puts their interview on her blog. She talks about all sorts of different blog topics and how several bloggers are financially successful.

Michelle has done some great things with her blog since I believe her’s was started in 2011. She teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing. She is one of the most successful and honest bloggers I have found.



If you say you are going to do something DO IT. And if you tell someone something that even if it’s bad or against the norm that’s ok. As long as the information is honest and accurate.

Sometimes always being full of roses isn’t being honest. Or what your readers needs to hear. They always need to know the truth.

For example: I paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars promoting a now shut down website using Google ads.  It was working. But, I was losing so much money it wasn’t worth it.  It only helped Google become wealthier and me poorer.

So, do I use Google ads? absolutely not. So, you have to use other methods which now that I have learned are out there. Having great content is one huge place to start. I’ll cover more about that later.

The steps above will help your readers learn to trust you. Because after all isn’t that’s what’s important?

Isn’t that what we are really here for? to help others.  I believe it is.

I would really appreciate your comments and questions:

Am I offering valuable content to you?

Is the information informative enough to answer the questions?

Do you have integrity? Are you trustworthy?  Does your word mean anything?

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