Don’t hate yourself, the world is still a beautiful place.

Someone said don’t weep for those that have passed, they are better off than we are. Pray for the living, because living is only for the strong.  I have to agree with that statement. I wrote this post for those people that have lost or have almost lost everything. Don’t hate yourself, the world is still a beautiful place. Things are tough all over, it so cliche’. But, it’s true. 

Hi, I’m Toni and yes the first sentence maybe not as encouraging as it could be. But, I needed to make a point. If you have read the blog titled Blog your way out of debt. My first official blog post.”  Then you’ll know what I am talking about and where I am coming from. Don’t hate yourself, the world is still a beautiful place because failure happens. We’ve all had hard times. But, what are you going to do about it?

The economic disaster of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 just about wiped me out financially and took an emotional toll on me and my health.

So that’s what I mean by the living is only for the strong.  And the funny thing is well it’s really not funny.  But, only when something disastrous happens is when we find out our how strong we really are.  We all have IT, we all have that innate strength, and IT was given to us when we were born. It’s God given. And we don’t even realize we have IT until it’s needed.

You know I’ve seen stories about seniors that lost everything and they have purchased a small camper and are traveling across country to work.

Breaks my heart for them. But, if that’s not strength I don’t know what else it is. It humbled them, but still they endure.  I’ve been brought to my knees and humbled too. Sometimes we need it.

And just recently two things just happened both on a huge stage one bigger than the other.

The University of Tennessee’s head coach was fired. Yep, Butch Jones. Of course he still has approximately $800,000 that he is owed from Tennessee. I wouldn’t mind having that. But, the point is in a picture below he is washing the windows of Nick Saban’s car. He is doing what ever it takes to get back on top. Life humbles you, but get back up. I’ve been there. No matter how great a person you are, bad things happen.


Then earlier in the year January 9, 2018, a 19 year old kid showed the world what to be humble looked like, he showed the world what pose, peace, love and what being a teammate was about.

Over 31 million people watched as Jalen Hurts stepped aside and let another quarterback walk onto the field in the National Championship Game. My heart broke for him.

But, the amazing thing is God gives us strength and IT shows up when we  need  it most.

A tough lesson about strength and humility for someone so young,  for someone just getting started in life and for someone that has done nothing wrong but win.

 I’m here sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with you, wanting to help you and hopefully help myself in the process.

So I am bringing you along with me on this blogging journey to get out of debt, to rebuild my life and yours. I am being honest and transparent. If it works you’ll know it, if it doesn’t work you’ll know that to. Just remember: Don’t hate yourself, the world is still a beautiful place. Because, failure happens.

So don’t give up. I haven’t given up on you. And do me a favor take a step back and look at where you are financially right now and make a choice right now.

Ask yourself where do you want to be? In one year? three years?  five years? And once you have answered those questions. What are you going to do about it?

Greatest thing about life is you are in charge of your own life.

The financial crisis in most cases was not your fault or even if it was, own it and move on.  Hating yourself for it and beating yourself up for it gets you nowhere. Except stressed, hair falling out and 50 pounds heavier. Who did it hurt? No one just me. So, Don’t hate yourself, the world is still a beautiful place.

The world is a beautiful place. Yes things can be bad, but if everything were roses without the thorns we would not understand the difference between good and bad.

Stay positive when no one or nothing around your is positive; believe in God and in believe yourself. We can build financial independence together.

Are you with me? are you going to work as hard as I am?

Just remember you can do this.  Anything worth having is only worth having if it’s earned.

I can’t make earnings claims. I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money. But, I will say this I will do every thing I can to help myself and you to do just that. Just as a  reminder don’t hate yourself, the world is still a beautiful place. Believe in yourself. And only surround yourself with positive energetic people. 

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