Female Entrepreneurs whose Failures Led them Towards Success

Female Entrepreneurs whose Failures Led them Towards Success

Every successful entrepreneur must have started from somewhere.

There is nothing like a magic pill that can launch you out of your cubicle into the amazing world of entrepreneurship. Female Entrepreneurs whose Failures Led them Towards Success

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For some people, the dream of becoming your own boss grows for long, sometimes even for years, before it finally comes to the success.

However, the truth is the great success for a business grows from one seed – a tiny one seed.

In this article, we are sharing the struggles of successful entrepreneurs that many women entrepreneur went through.

1. Sue Bryce:

Sue is one of the greatest photographers known in the industry. She sees her path to the self-employment a natural evolution.

She didn’t start her business because she wanted to create a business empire for herself.

Instead, it was her need. After 13 years of her professional life and mastering the skill she has, she was only an employee who cannot earn more than her salary.

After she started working for her own, a point came when she was sure that nothing can save her from the failure, but she decided not to give up. She decided to reach success after a business failure.

And she developed a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating herself to reach the greater heights in the business.

She took it as a challenge and proved to herself that she could do it.

All the entrepreneurs of the successful companies that failed at first have similar stories.

2.Tara Gentile:

Tara Gentile is an author and a business strategist who works with entrepreneurs who want to do more with less.

Tara decided to start a business when she wasn’t awarded with the deserved promotion, while she was pregnant with her daughter.

After six months of delivery, she started a small niche website and a community. She then invested in an already established blog business and started making more money than she used to earn in her job.

After going through all the struggles of successful entrepreneurs, she is now happy with what she does.

3.Melissa Galt:

Melissa is a famous interior designer who knows her job well.

She was not satisfied with her job. Although she loved her work but wanted to be in charge of her day and have the decision-making power.

Ultimately, she decided to kick her job off. It was the time when she was already decided to start her own business.

With debt and 6 months of unemployment, she launched her business immediately and started side jobs as well to make the ends meet.

She was passionate about her work and worked for 15 hours a day. It was her love of what she did that took her out of almost $70000 debt and helped her to build a six-figure business without any debt within 18 months.

If you want to know the struggles of successful entrepreneurs, read the life story of Melisa in detail.

4. Beate Chelette:

Beate is an entrepreneur with a track record of helping women business persons to grow and scale their businesses.

She started her first business at the age of 12 years when she decided to sell posters to her friends.

At a point of her entrepreneurial journey, she had a debt of over $135,000. However, she learned from several famous failed businesses and sold her business to a company owned by Bill Gated against a multi-million deal.

She is a speaker, mentor, and an author of the bestseller, “Happy Woman Happy World How to Go from Overwhelmed to Awesome”.

With the knowledge and experience she gained over a period of years of her entrepreneurial journey, she has created a blueprint to help other women entrepreneurs.

5. Sue Zimmerman:

Sue started entrepreneurship at childhood by started selling barrettes that she used to hand-paint.

She is now a coach who helps women with small and mid-level businesses.

She loves to help passionate women who want to develop their businesses through training, mentoring different groups, and offering personalized coaching programs to them.

By learning through the strategies of famous failed businesses, Sue learned how to survive in the business world and become successful.

6.Yasmine Khater:

Yasmine left her corporate job and decided to start a business when she was earning quite enough to lead a good life.

She first started helping people with their career choices, but soon realized that she didn’t want to do that.

Then she decided to help businesses in building their sales process and developing sales systems that can bring more business to them.

She helps businesses through marketing and sales funnels, working on their business framework, and coaching them on how to be fearless to build a successful business.

7. Kimra Luna:

According to Kimra, her first instinct of becoming an entrepreneur woke when she started booking concerts by starting a booking agency.

However, after getting married, she, along with her family faced financial hardships for years and even had to live on Welfare for some time.

She relaunched herself eventually. And now she teaches entrepreneurs how to be successful in their businesses by implementing what she has learned in her journey of entrepreneurship.

All these women are a true example of the struggles of successful entrepreneurs. If these women can beat their fears and do what they love to make money, why can’t you?

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Female Entrepreneurs whose Failures Led them Towards Success



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