Money-making blogging secret

There is a secret to creating a successful blog. Believe it or not it’s true. And it’s something that costs nothing. But, love and the want to help others succeed.  So, you ask ok, ok, enough already. What is the money-making blogging secret?

Hi Moneyistas,

Patients I’ll get there. Believe it or not everyone is an expert in something. If it’s organization, if it’s a specific craft, or bookkeeping. Everyone has something they are very good at. The thing is what is yours? and if you don’t know you can download a free quick exercise to help you figure that out. Located at the bottom of the page.

For me I have so many ideas that I want to create, post about and to share with you. I just don’t have enough time. But, I will eventually get the first list done of the items that I want to share with you.

You see I took a class many years ago that teaches you how to look deep inside yourself. To find the inter person. Sounds weird I know.

But, one thing it did teach me that no matter how bad things get,

no matter how down you get, no matter that no one would stand behind me or support me. I found the tenacity and the strength to continue on my journey.

And it’s because deep down I want to help you. I am supporter, a helper, a motivator and teacher at heart. I love what I do and I love you. That’s the difference why so many blogs or business fail. It’s because they do it only for MONEY.

Blogging  for you brings me joy.

I enjoy writing, and I enjoy taking on bigger than life challenges so I can hand deliver it to you, my fans and readers.

I was speaking to mom the other day. We were reminiscing about the days when malls where the big thing. How cool is really was that we could take our money that we budgeted for clothes, shoes and other items. It was fun to see who could buy what they needed and wanted and who would get the most items for free for the purchases they made. I will have to admit my mom always won. By one or two free items. Of course, she was better buying into the sales pitch buy this and get this for free. Then I was. I was and still am if it’s not on my lists I’m not buying it.

Now here we are in the world of the world wide web. With a billion or more websites. Yes, that’s right I said it a billion. With a “B” or more websites.

Linking everyone and everything together across the universe. WOW! It gives me pause.

With a huge massive spiderweb like connection within websites sharing links with each other, sharing pictures, videos and podcasts. etc, etc.

Which means unlimited potential to reaching thousands and thousands of readers that are and will be interested in what you and your new blog has to share.

 What type of blog should you start?

See the Free Quick Exercise at the bottom of the page.

So, you ask me again, what is the money-making blogging secret? It’s simple is value. Give your readers VALUE. For free.

Now you ask, what do you mean value? and how do you give value?

First things first.  Remember the blog post regarding great content and copywriting?

Well if you don’t or have not read it. Great content and copywriting is very important as well for a successful blog.

And now to answer your questions: What is the money-making blogging secret? which is “value” of course. As the story above, the merchants gave value (something for free) when something else was purchased.

What does value mean?

as a verb: the estimated monetary value of something.

As a noun:

one’s judgement of what’s important to oneself or in life.

But, for the purposes of this post we will go with the verb meaning. The estimated monetary value of something. Ok?

So, what’s important to you?

Well for me there are several things. But, as far as this blog. It’s you. My readers, my followers.

Your next question: How do you give value?

Giving value on what ever type of blog you choose is to give free answers or solutions to a problem.

For example: the title to this post brought you here. You are looking for the answer to the question: what is the money-making blogging secret?

If your blog was struggling or you are new to blogging this is a question that everyone of you have. Or you wouldn’t be here.

So, another example: Let’s say your blog is about middle-aged women 50 and over that want to lose weight without drugs or starving. But, a true to life real solution that works. Trust me I would be your biggest reader and member.


But, how would you give your readers this information?

  1. Blog post: Make sure it is great content and copyright. At least 1000 words or more.

  2. Downloadable check list for daily exercise.

  3. Downloadable menu planner.

  4. Free Facebook group. Once your reader has signed up. Or after your reader has purchased. Something.

  5. DVD’s or a digital class.

  6. Daily or weekly exercise routines that you post on YouTube.

  7. Add internal links to your other great blog posts.

  8. Add external links to other highly ranking blogs that support your own blog but gives great content and solutions that your reader needs.

  9. And most importantly. Add your Call to Action. To get the free weekly meal plan or exercise chart. Please sign up.

  10. is great at giving value. Which I read frequently. And it’s also a high ranking external link that works with my own blog.

So, the 10 steps above are just examples of giving value to your readers. And what did it costs you? nothing. But, time.

Then the next step is getting new readers to your great blog.

  1. Make sure you add the widgets for social streams. Pinterest, twitter and Facebook.

  2. Make sure you sign up for Google analytics. It’s free. It will tell you who, where and what your traffic is coming from.

  3. Tweetable snippets. There are widgets  and plugins that create this for you.

check out my blog WordPress Resources at SiteGround.

And the biggest thing is. Be patient. It takes time. But, don’t give up. Keep working.

I would appreciate a pin to Pinterest, and leave a comment. I would like to know what you think about the Money-making blogging secret.

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