Hello Moneyistas,

Some of the links below may be affiliates.  Affiliates are what these companies pay me if you click the link from below. However it never costs you more money.  Offering Affiliates is one of the many ways I earn a living. 

Just to offer you a list of businesses that I personally use. And that offer great customer service with outstanding value.

Please  note that as I continue to go through this process of growing this blog.

And helping you to become financial independent and in charge of your entire life. I will update this list for you.




They’ve already set what’s considered to be a new gold standard when it comes to features, customer service, and flexibility.

In other words, it’s easy to see why so many website owners are making the switch to SiteGround once and for all.

Rocket Lawyer

If you are starting out and need help with your business formation and help deciding what type is best for you.

And if you will need on going help then Rocket Lawyer is great.  Their overall fees is very competitive with others in the same industry. The thing I have found for myself is their customer service.They also offer an annual package for those businesses that have grown bigger and need more legal help through out the year.



You know I normally don’t promote WordPress themes.

And the reason for that is because normally customer service is really very bad. You purchase a theme from someone on one of the many websites offering different themes that have been created by many different creators.

But, good luck getting someone that will actually help you.  Some do but how do you really know which ones offer great customer service?  Once you have purchased the theme. Normally the theme is yours.  As was the case with this website. So I had to buy another theme and thank goodness I did.  I purchased the theme I am using now from MyThemeShop  not only is the theme dirt cheap and it is.  It comes with great customer service.

Remember my biggest pet peeve is CUSTOMER SERVICE. Or the lack thereof. Customer Service trumps costs in my book. And it’s really a win-win when you get both. As in this case with using my MyThemeShop. Not only do they offer free. Yep FREE themes that are great.  They have more than 5,000 themes that are very inexpensive for you to choose from. So if you click on my link you will get 20% off the already cheap price.  Yep, 20% off. Trust me you can’t lose. The price will show up as marked off.



PicMonkey another tool I am using. It’s a great photo editing online software tool.

I love using Gimp, but Gimp is a little more complicated for newbees. PicMoney is great. It offers amazing editing and customizing tools to make your images look eye popping and engaging. Isn’t that’s whata important on you new and existing blog?  They offer great customer service with a very inexpensive price. the best way to pay for it is annually you receive a 25% Discount if you pay annually. $71.88 per year or $7.99 per month.


Beautiful Dawn

Beautiful Dawn Designs - Feminine WordPress Themes

Another theme option is with Beautiful Dawn.

by Tiffany. She is a designer, blogger and she loves crocheting. She offers some unique WordPress feminine themes for great prices.


WordPress Plugin

Yoast                                                                                                       Yoastlogo

I love this plugin for the most part.  I do get a little obsessive with making sure both the readability and the SEO that they have both green dots. But, that’s me.

It is a WordPress Plugin and it does cost about $89 per year to use. But, it’s worth it and no Yoast does not offer it as an affiliate. But. I am still telling you about it.  You need it on your blog.

This is the short summary of what the Yoast Plugin offers.

  • Get more visitors from Google and Bing
  • Attract more visitors from social media
  • Increase your readers’ engagement

We walk you through every step: no need to be or hire an SEO expert.