Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed

Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed

Success comes in many forms but it is not achieved in a single night. The world is full of examples of people that have worked day and night and even failed several times just to achieve their desired success.

Take into consideration the riches of this world, all of them have struggled really hard to achieve the status and position they stand at now. One thing we can certainly say is that you have to work hard and learn from your failures to attain success, otherwise if you lose hope and get discouraged there will be nothing left for you in this world.

So, Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those who Failed. The excessive competition that prevails in every field of this world require you to strive hard to acquire the wealthiness and successes of this world.

Nevertheless, the successful companies that failed at first considered failure to be an opportunity to learn from the mistakes and work for the betterment of the company. Similarly, it is not difficult or impossible to achieve success after a business failure, if the business becomes optimistic and constitute strategies that lead them to success.

If you have been dealing with failure then do not just lose your courage or hope because there are many examples of famous failed businesses. There have always been famous failed businesses that can be viewed as examples to not to repeat their mistakes and try to rise whenever you fall.

And Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed. And the struggles of successful entrepreneurs are also another way to understand that struggling, striving, and working hard is the only way to achieve success. However, there are many lessons and secrets that you can learn from the people who failed at first.

So, the Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed. I know you are going to ask. But, Toni these are big businesses, I am just a solopreneur how does this relate to me? Trust me it does. They started out just like you. Only one person with a passion and a desire.

  1. Failure is an illusion:

      Really? how is that possible? I’ve lost money, my business is in the tank and my stress  level is off the rector scale. But, once you get through the emotional toll and take a step back you’ll see.  Because I’ve been there.

A secret to success that Oprah Winfrey learned from her failure of cable network is that failure is only an illusion and it will lead you to another direction in life. The important thing she said was to hold onto yourself when you are going down in the hole and you think that there is nothing left.

It is vital to understand that you have to learn from every experience, mistake and encounter you did in the past and it will shape you into a successful person.

  1. Do not lose hope:

Another secret that can be learned from Facebook marketing VP Carolyn Everson is that you should never lose hope or your confidence.

Always remember that you are able to do anything and any hurdle cannot stop you from having success. But, we do need to fight for it.

She wanted to launch the company and become the VP of business development. But the company later decided to leave Everson and she found herself jobless.

This failure led her to reach inside herself and to regain her confidence.

And to prove to herself that she would still be a huge asset for another company.

This will make you understand that achieving success after a business failure is possible.

So embrace, Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed

  1. Failure leads you to creativity:

Often a reason for successful companies that failed at first is the lack of creativity that led them to failure. Creativity is important in every field of life, it differentiate your business from others and is achieved by working hard and efficiently utilizing the resources.

The founder of Dyson Ltd. Sir James Dyson failed at developing 5126 prototypes of the famous cyclone bag-less vacuum cleaner before arriving to the one that caused him to achieve success.

Secrets to Success You can Learn from those who failed

He explains that you cannot be creative if you develop things right the first time.

Failing at multiple projects will help you become more creative and devise a project that no one has ever made before.

This leads to innovative projects which have become a struggle for successful entrepreneurs.


  1. You have to do your own thing:

Jay Z is a famous singer and his first album was a big hit but not his second one. The reason behind the failure of his second album was that he modeled the songs in the styles that were popular at that time. He believed that following the trend his second album would become more popular.

But to his surprised, he failed and realized that to become successful he has to do something different.

By doing something that he wanted to do and what mattered to him, not by imitating others.

I hope you caught that. If you want success you must what matters to you by not imitating others. Don’t follow the crowd.


  1. Powerful communication:

A secret to success that Meg Whitman the CEO of Hewlett-Packard learned from her failed campaign to become Governor of California.

Is that you have to communicate effectively to the organization in order to instill your visions within them. You have to motivate and communicate so that you can achieve what you are pursuing for or what you want the organization to do.


  1. Failure opens up the real problems:

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the early 90s decided to develop an internet fax service that will allow the people to order pizza via fax.

But the employees at the pizza place did not check the fax machine, which cause the service to fail.

This led them to realize that solving problems that actually matters are important.

Rather than developing services that will not make any difference.

Moreover, they realized that all the side effects of failure made them more enthusiastic and motivated.


  1. Asking the employees:

The JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon realized after bearing the loss of $5 billion made because of one of its employees.

You should never be afraid of asking hard questions from your employees. Asking questions does not mean that you do not trust your employee or you are not aware of his credibility.

Rather it will be helpful in preventing mistakes and protecting the company.

Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed. Many big and small businesses and organizations all make mistakes.

But the important thing is to take a lesson from those mistakes and consider them to be a learning point.

The positive approach in life is very important.

In order to cope with the difficult times that the world has to offer.

Just don’t give up. Be patient with yourself and don’t think it’s going to happen overnight.

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Secrets to Success You can Learn from Those Who Failed

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