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First let me say that there are a few things you need to take care of before you start a blog in 60 minutes or less.

First take a little time and do some research about the type of blog you want to start a blog in 60 minutes or less with a great hosting company.  If you are looking at blogging as a way to make money then you will need to consider things differently than if you are just blogging to share information for a specific smaller group. One of the first question will be how, what and which hosting company do I use. I will answer those questions and others in this post.

Also know there may be affiliate links in the posts. If you click on a link and sign up through that link. That’s how I get paid. I do appreciate it. 

So lets say for kisses and giggles you have already read my posts on creating a money making blog.

I am here to help you setup your blog/website in a few steps.  But, first I need to tell you what a blog is. (for those of you that do not know). And I also use the hosting company SiteGround with WordPress specifically for this website.

  1. What is a blog?

A blog is like what I am doing here on this website. I talk about everything or specific topics according to the niche I am sharing with you.

A blog is a website of frequently undated short reports (sort of). The short reports are normally 750-1000 words in length which are called posts. However, my post are  between 1000-1600 words each.

It’s recommended that you write quality short reports or posts a few times per week. Your blog can be about anything you want to share with others.

For example, I am creating this blog as a step by step trail as you go to show my readers and followers how to make money blogging. What works I post, what doesn’t work I post.

So, before you start a blog do you know what you want to blog or write about? you have to know that. Or an idea anyway.

  1. I mentioned above the word NICHE. What is a niche?

A blog about something very specific. For example, you love butterflies. So you start your blog about “The beauty of butterflies.” or “The types of butterflies.” or “The Science of butterflies.” Get the point?

  1. Once you know your topic. Then I suggest a domain name.

What is a domain name? It’s like your blogs identifier. Sort of like your name. My name is Toni. My blog name and domain name are MoneyMakeYourselfRich.com. It’s better to get the .com extension over any of the other extensions.

There are different ways to purchase a domain name. Which I’ll cover in another post in detail. But, for this post I’ll give you the snap shot version. Ok? Just know you never actually own the domain you register it in your name and rent it annually. For about $15 per year.

Some website/blog hosting companies will give a domain name free for 1 year if you sign up with them. There’s pros and cons to that.

Pros: if you are short on funds. Hey it’s free. The hosting company registers it for you in their name and lets you borrow it from the hosting company for a year. But, normally you have to pay for a years’ service. Not a bad deal.

Cons: If you choose to leave that hosting company and move your website to another hosting company. You have to pay for the domain name and point it to the new hosting company. (If you are allowed).

But, I use a domain registar. I have all of my current domains with one company and I point the domain to my hosting company. I do not use free domains offered from hosting companies. It’s because I like be able to manage my domains and I like them all in one place. So, I have more control and I can list my domains for sale.

There are domain generators that will help you come up with a domain name for no charge. One of those sites are https://instantdomainsearch.com. Type in for example: “LoveButterflies” the site will show you if that domain name is for sale or if it’s available. Which this is a premium domain for about $3,000. But, instantdomainsearch will then give you a list of .com names.

  1. What is a hosting company?

Well it’s a company that has an open platform that allows you to get on the internet.

They are servers which are basically computers that hold your website information. When you have a hosting company you can log onto your website from anywhere that you have internet, a computer, smart phone or a tablet.

So, you need to choose a hosting company to hold your website information for you.  Oh and by the way you do need internet service.

I use several different hosting companies depending on the website.  But, for this post I am going to talk about my 2 favorites.

I use SiteGround for this website and BlueHost for two of my other websites.

So, now that you have your blog niche and your domain name.  Go to SiteGround or BlueHost. They are both easy to set up. And basic hosting for both is $3.95 which really cheap.

So, let’s do SiteGround first.  They are my number 1 and BlueHost is my number 2.

They are very similar. Except that BlueHost is overall a little cheaper and SiteGround has fasterspeeds and better customer service. But, I love them both.

Setting up with SiteGround

Choose your package click get started.

Step 2 above choose register a domain if you don’t already have one or choose I already have a domain. Then click.

3. Is where you select the final services that you need and pay for it.  It’s really easy.

Once you have done steps 1-3. Follow this link to select your free WordPress theme then the next step would be to install WordPress. This link above goes directly to SiteGround tutorial area. Once you choose a WordPress theme, then you next step would be to install WordPress which is the next tab down.

Now that you have chosen and domain name and a hosting company.  You can either use a WordPress theme  (which I have given instructions for above) or use SiteGround drag and drop website builder.  Which is through Weebly. Once you are happy with the blog/website click save and publish. It’s that easy.

Again this is for the purpose of helping you to setup a blog using SiteGround as hosting and WordPress are your blogging platform. With the steps above you will be able to start a blog in 60 minutes or less. I promise.

Check out my  blog with 5 Easy Steps To start a blog with Blue Host. For WordPress.

Also just a side note: If you want to really make money blogging, blogging about what most people will pay for is what I think should be done. The secret to having a successful blog is finding a problem and solving it. Which in essance is a niche’. So take butterfiles, that I mentioned before. What is a problem with them? So what is your solution?

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And a free step by step course on specific topic. Like butterfiles for example. How start from the beginning.

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