The Absolute Truth of What you Should do Before you Launch your New Blog

The Absolute Truth of What you Should do Before you Launch your New Blog

So you know there maybe some affiliate links included in the posts. If you sign up through one of my links that’s how I get paid. It does not cost you any more money. And I really appreciate it if you choose to use one of these services that you sign up through my link.

I started this blog around the 3rd week in May 2018 with the sole purpose to teach you how to create a blog from scratch.

And how to become financially independent while journalling my progress and sharing what works and what does not work with you. And this is The Absolute Truth of What you Should do Before you Launch your New Blog

So, far this is where I am.  And I mean this is The Absolute Truth of What you Should do Before you Launch your New Blog

Hello Moneyistas,

When I first started the blog. This is the steps I did and created.

  • I decided what I wanted to blog about. What was my passion? That was simple helping women and people to become financially independent and live the life they always dreamed of. So if you need help deciding what to blog about just take this Free Quick Exercise. Download here


  •  Now to choose a Domain Name. GoDaddy has this great little tool that I use to value domain names.  GoDaddy

Choosing a domain name is really important. The biggest thing is choose the  .com  extension if possible. (Which is very difficult now. Another thing the shorter the better. So don’t follow my example of a domain name)

To be honest now after a few months I’m not happy with the domain name I chose. But, the appraisal value was over a $1,000 when I purchased it.  And it does say actually  what this blog is about. But, it’s too long.

Just note I am NOT a GoDaddy fan. I used to be, but not any more. Their customer service is atrocious and they’re rude. But, I do use them to buy my Domain names. It’s because I have been using them forever and it’s really easy to manage all my domain names in one place. They do have a pretty decent domain manager in place. I am still looking for a better domain offering registrar like GoDaddy that is better than GoDaddy.  IF you have any suggestions please let me know.

  • I searched and searched for a WordPress theme. And I found one that I absolutely loved. But, I had to change the theme this month. Why? Because it had zero, none, nada customer service. I could not even contact the company or the person that created it. And I loved the theme. So, I had to backup my entire website,  again.

Which free backups does come with an annual package from SiteGround. Then I purchase another theme. And uploaded the new theme to my WordPress blog. Thank goodness it didn’t wipe out all my hard work as far as blog posts and my images. But, I had a lot of adjusting, customizing and editing I still had to do. And I am still working on.

But, I like this theme, but not as much as  my first one. But, it offers GREAT customer service. My biggest pet peeve bad customer service will have me running for the hills and taking my pocket book with me. So for Great Customer Service with great prices check out.   MyThemeShop

Also Check out my resources page for other businesses that I use.

  • Then I chose my hosting company. Which of course is SiteGround   Why SiteGround there are several reasons. Cost is important, website up time, website speed and page load times. But, the most important is Customer Service.


The steps to this point in May  I had decided my blog topic, my domain name, and  my WordPress theme. I purchased my domain name and paid for an annual hosting package and purchased Yoast SEO Plugin and purchased the SSL security.

  • Then I put it all together. So now I have a blog. It’s didn’t take much time to be honest I had it done in about 45 minutes including researching a domain name.
  • Then I started writing, I published 4 blog posts in 10 days at the end of May. Not nearly enough but hey I had to start some where.

All the while working a full time job and blogging at night and on the weekends, between all the normal household chores and yard chores while taking care of two tiny fur babies and helping my older parents. I also was reading and researching about how to use Pinterest, and although I already knew a  great deal about affiliate marketing and Pinterst I was then and I am still reading and educating myself on what type of traffic growth tools that are working and which ones aren’t.

  • Writing more blog post in June, I then decided to sign up for Pinterest and the manual pinning began with  5 blog posts and by the end of June I had 10 blog posts that I was manually pinning and manual pinning other pinners pins.

But with all the creating the pins, the images, the boards and the board covers my Pinterest views went quickly from (0) zero to several thousand in no time. And by the time August rolled around I have 83,400 viewers from just manual pinning.  Trust me it does work. But, it does take time.

However, I do have a course that will teach you how to use manual pinning to grow your traffic. And that will save time. Pinterest Manual Pinning Secrets. But, starting in Sept I started using Tailwind I am not manual pinning as much and using Tailwind because I needed more time to create courses and to write more.

But, unfortunately my viewers on Pinterest have dropped I am not Manual Pinning as much. And it’s because I have purchased the package that only allows you to post 400 pins per month and you can only join 5 blog boards and can only pin 30 pins per month total to the all blog boards. So check out Pinterest Manual Pinning Secrets.  Now remember I am doing all of these test, and documenting them for you. I want to help save you time and if it’s not working I don’t want you to do the thing that just waste your time and possibly your money. And just note I am not using Google Ads period.

The Absolute Truth of What you Should do Before you Launch your New Blog

So every step I listed above is the order in which I did to create my blog, what I have done to get viewers in Pinterest by manual pinning and traffic to my website.  And, So you ask  would I do it the same way again? NO I would not.

So, you ask why not? and what would you do different?

Why not? Because I didn’t get the results I wanted for all  the work I put in.  And that’s what I want for you. I do not want you to work your hiny off. (But, I could use some hiny reducing.But, that’s not what this is about.) You want to see results from all your hard work. Granted I did see the results from the Pinerest Manual Pinning but as soon as I slowed down my viewers started to drop. Which is not good.

What would I do different? Oh my gosh lots of things.  But, the first and most important thing it to be more organized. Then I would map things out much different than I did for starting this blog.  But, remember the purpose of all the trail and error is to teach you how to create a blog that takes less time and less money. While creating a blog that makes you money. After all you are not a non-profit blog.

I offer a course that is cheap, cheap, cheap. And offer you a full refund for 30 days if it does not save you months of time and money. No questions asked.  My Blog Setup Organizational Chart. Not only is it a downloadable chart, it’s also a step by step mapped plan to get you and your blog up and going faster, more efficiently and save you money.

Let me know what you think about

The Absolute Truth of What you Should do Before you Launch your New Blog

Leave your comments below and let me know what other information you would like to see.

Remember, I know I keep saying remember. If you haven’t read my blog post Blog Your Way Out of Debt: My first official blog post. 

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