The Secret to Writing Catchy Blog Titles Your readers and SEO will love

The secret to writing catchy blog titles your readers and SEO will love.  Seriously? You ask.  Well yes, do you want your great content ranked and read? Of course you do.

So the secret to writing catchy blog titles your readers and SEO will love is a must.   So how do you do it?

Hi Moneyistas,

The secret to writing catchy blog titles your readers and SEO will love.

  1.  Start with a working draft, which is exactly what it says. I am an author and I do the same thing when I am writing a book. I start with an outline for my working draft.

  2. A working draft is where you have an idea that has not been fleshed out yet. For this blog post my working title started out being “SEO blog titles”. (Which is too short for one thing, but it doesn’t draw my readers in. “SEO blog titles”, big deal, Right?)

But that temporary title or draft title kept me focused enough to write my content.

Without my great blog title, my great content will not be found and read. So, then what was the point in spending hours writing and editing my content if you can’t find it.  The thing is today there’s so much content on the web with so many blogs and blog posts that you must have great blog titles and great content for you to rank in SEO.

Your blog titles not only work for SEO on the web, but also for social media. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and it can greatly have a positive or negative impact on your email marketing campaign.


I get dozens of questions about blog titles weekly.

(a)What are blog titles?

(b)What’s the difference in blog titles, topics, and categories?

(c)How long should the title be?

So to answer your questions:

  1. What are blog titles? Blog Titles are very specific to the single post that you are writing about. For example: This post. The secret to writing catchy blog titles your readers and SEO will Love. “Catchy Blog titles”. Is very specific. Specific to one thing. Like how to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. That Specific.

  1. What are topics? Let’s continue with this blog post and title. The topic is SEO Marketing. This is very broad. Or very general. Dozens of specific blog titles and post can be written from the broad topic of SEO Marketing.

“SEO Marketing” is the broad topic. The blog titles are:

For example: The secret to writing catchy blog titles your readers and SEO will love.  Or,

10 must haves to rank with Google. Or,

6 new authors who are killing it on Twitter. Or,

10 steps to grow your blog on Pinterest in 60 days.

Again, topics cover a broader or more general subject, where as blog titles are more specific and more direct.

  1. What are categories? The simple explanation is: They are used to sort and group content into different sections.


So, for my blog: 

Some of my categories are:

      Blogging Tips, Debt Free, Education, Side hustle income.

 But, for this blog post instead of putting it under SEO Tips I will put it under Blogging Tips. And there is a reason for that.  First my overall blog is not about SEO. It’s about teaching and showing you how to create blogs and make money from blogging.

You ask why not put it under both? That’s another post. But, for a snippet of information:

 Categories should represent your blog overall. And a specific category should represent a specific blog post.

And second you should really only use one category if at all possible.  Because Google wants to only crawl one post not multiples of the same post. (Which could possibly hurt your google rankings)

I do however; have a couple posts with two categories.  And I have a reason for that.

  1. How long should blog titles be? This is not a cut and dried answer.

First it needs to be reader friendly. Meaning the title needs to attract you and be optimized for you the reader.  And hopefully it is Search Engine friendly as well. That’s the perfect balance.

But, as far as length it does not need to be so long that when tweeted is longer than 140 characters. And it’s too long for your meta description.  Which the Yoast plugin can help with this.

It needs to be long enough for your snippet SEO for Google. So my average title is 8- 10 words and 56- 70 characters long. With 1000 or more words of content. This length seems to work best for my blog/website.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate the perfect, specific answer.  But, I would start around 10 words and 56-100 characters and no longer 100 characters or no shorter than 56 characters.

But, working with the Yoast plugin, seems to help alleviate much of this issue for me. I am not an affiliate for Yoast. And I do pay for this plugin.


Three other important tips:

  1. Make sure your title is reader friendly. If it’s specifically written for SEO it’s going to read fake and computer generated. Your titles should connect with your readers. Through love, passion and emotion. What do you want your readers to do? What problem are you solving for them?

  2. Your title should be correct, honest and true. Do not embellish the truth. Do not make it so bombastic you turn your readers off and you damage your integrity.

  3. Use strong words. You want to touch an emotion or a reaction from your reader. Love, hate, secret, and fight.  Just don’t overdo it.

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The Secret to Writing Catchy Blog Titles Your readers and SEO will love.

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