Work From Home Moms and how to Manage time

 Work From Home Moms and how to Manage time

Many “wannabe” work from home moms wish to reenter the work force by taking on an opportunity that lets them remain at home and still earn significant income.  Generally speaking, your earning potential will be directly related to the amount of time and energy you put into your new venture.

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There are all sorts of opportunities available, and picking the one that is most suited to your strengths only requires a bit of research.

So, check out Work From Home Moms and how to Manage time  below. 

Online Sales

There are a seemingly endless number of sales opportunities online. Whether you already have a product in mind or you have no idea what you want to promote, you can find it online. When you have a product you feel passionate about, you will do a much better job selling it effectively. If you haven’t found your niche yet, do a keyword search on topics that interest you. There are many search engines that will help you narrow down a field that isn’t saturated. Once you have your niche set up, it doesn’t take much to develop a web presence and a marketing plan that will help draw leads to your site.

Home Based Child Care

There are so many young families requiring two full salaried workers, either for insurance purposes, income or career advancement. That means that there is an almost constant shortage of good, reliable child care. If you want to stay home with your children and enjoy being surrounded by kids all day, opening a small scale child care business in your home is a great way to earn some money.


Blogs are a dollar a dozen online, but really good ones develop a substantial following. To monetize your blog, develop an affiliate marketing strategy that pays you for every visitor that clicks onto a related sales page. Different affiliate programs will pay you for simple clicks, others require a completed sale and still others want your visitors to fill out surveys. Even if you don’t get paid cash, several offer free merchandise as recompense for your traffic.


One way many stay at home moms make money is to auction off items online. The simplest way to acquire great merchandise to sell is either through garage sales or thrift stores. You can find many items that still have their original tags. As long as you are willing to mail things promptly and are good at keeping track of your orders, this is a very viable source of income.


People are always in need of someone with knowledge. Any skills you have from your previous job are marketable. Someone wants to know how to do what you know how to do, and will pay you handsomely for your experience. The advantage of consulting is that you pick your hours, can charge a premium rate and dictate how long your contracts will be.

Stay at home moms can find plenty of opportunities to make money. A little effort will help you turn up the perfect match for your talents and needs.

Manage time as a work at home mom

Time management is one of the most difficult tasks for a business owner. Try knowing how to manage your business time, with managing your kids at the same time.

  • Prioritize 

The first key to time management is organizing your priorities. It is suggested making a list of the tasks that need to be completed weekly. Then dividing them over the days of the week. Put them in a calendar or a checklist. Make these tasks your first priorities. When these tasks are finished, have a running list of other things that can be done to help your business. The running list will help keep you from wasting time trying to figure out what you can do to help your business grow when you have extra time. This way there are no excuses of forgetting things that need to be done.

  • Make Time 

The second key to time management, is to set aside time. This can be very difficult as a stay at home mom. You are constantly working around naps, lunches, play dates, and other activities. PLAN AHEAD! Look at your week’s schedule and schedule your “organized priorities” in time that you can find to have all to yourself. This may mean waking up an extra hour earlier than everyone in the house, or staying up later. Do what works with your family.

  • Goodbye Distractions 

The third key to managing your time as a work at home mom is avoid distractions! Limit yourself to the amount of time that you check your email. Checking your email several times an hour can throw you off task. Don’t sit down to work when you know that the kids are getting ready to walk in the door from school, or your baby will be getting up from her nap. Don’t take personal calls during your designated work time. Any distractions that you can remove from your precious time that you have set aside to work is going to be a time saver!

  • Rethink 

The final and most important key to managing your time is to evaluate how you have been spending it. As business change and grow and your family changes, your schedule may need to change. You need to be willing to rethink your time management and decide if it works for you now. What worked for you two months ago might be completely inefficient today. Be accepting of change.

Now it is up to you! Go set your priorities, make time, and say goodbye to distractions! Watch your business grow!

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